We don’t need roads….


So, it’s 10:30 and you realize you still need to scrounge up a picture for your blog. What do you draw?

Why, a hasty mashup of the last two movies you watched, of course.

In this case the requisite rewatch of Back to the Future/BttF2 and grumbling about how we’re supposed to have flying cars by now WHERE ARE MY FLYING CARS … plus How To Train Your Dragon 2, i.e. Vikings With Lightsabers. But anyhow, it’s a DeLorean dragon! A DraLorean? Dracorean? DeLoragon? No, there’s no good way to do that. Well, it had the potential to look a LOT like Toothless what with the blue glow and the little dorsal fin and all (even though those are totally parts of the car) … but I tried to steer (har har) away from that because gosh darnit a time-traveling DeLorean isn’t supposed to look like a cuddly axolotl.

I mean, I guess it *can* be if that’s how it really feels. But I like to think it’s just slightly more elegant than that. Or at least more 80’s. Yeah, that’s it — it’s a 1980s Night Fury. Those older models …. *shakes head* Not the most reliable, and repairs are a real headache, but you should see ’em fly — whew!

Speaking of which (sort of): Is “time-traveling dragons” a thing? I mean, there are talking dragons; telepathic dragons; telekinetic dragons; dragons that turn into people; dragons that make pretty sculptures in their spare time. There are also Amish vampires in space. So what I’m saying is, “TIME DRAGONS” seems like one of those inevitable clashes of two popular scifi/fantasy subjects, but I can’t think of any I’ve come across yet. Dinosaurs, yes. Dragons, no. I would definitely read about that if someone decided to write it though. Just saying.

Anyhow, the rest of this entry will be dedicated to quiet contemplation of the perfection that is: the scene with the DeLorean disappearing in a blast of lightning and: every facial expression Emmett “Doc” Brown has ever made.





That is all.


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