Tinker, Tailor…


*imagine meme here*

I don’t often draw fakemon… but when I do, I can’t stand calling them fakemon.

Except now I have twice, and I didn’t even word my imaginary meme correctly. C’EST LA VIE.

Anyhow, everyone knows it would be cool if there were a Steel-type Eeveelution. It wouldn’t necessarily be useful, but it would be cool. So, thinking back on a recent discussion to that effect, I decided to sketch one out in my free time (instead of learning Spanish like I should be doing … but I can practice my pronunciation while drawing! sort of!).

Since everyone knows it would be cool, everyone has also made hypothetical designs for said Eeveelution. I decided not to look at them beforehand so as not to influence my design (read: so as not to see designs from people who had the same idea but made it look cooler). For my part, I decided to use those old-timey armored war mastiffs as inspiration. I know Eevee and co. are just basic elemental (in more than one way) quadrupeds, but I can’t help but see them as dogs with little snubby noses.

That looked kind of boring and kind of like Rhyhorn-meets-Houndour (which is not a pretty combination), so I decided to give it a little tuft of red fur like it’s wearing a helmet, and a Tauros-style scourge tail just because it seemed somewhat appropriate and I couldn’t decide what to do with the tail. The mail armor and the helmet became a sort of flowy amorphous furblob because, let’s face it, “pretty” is usually the direction these guys lean (except for poor butch Jolteon, who doesn’t get so much as a tail whether it wants one or not).

The result is … not quite as “metal” (in any sense of the word) as I’d hoped, but maybe workable as the basis for an armored non-Eeveelution that doesn’t have to stick within the strict name limits of the Eevee family (Armeon? Gladeon? \m/eon?) or keep the visual consistency. Of course, I’m not *that* dedicated, so the safest bet is that it isn’t gonna happen. THIS IS ALL YOU GET.

I realize I got through this entire post without actually using the word “Pokemon.” This isn’t exactly an exciting achievement, since search engines are all about actually using the words when someone is looking up material on a given subject, but … let’s face it, if you found this post it probably wasn’t because you were specifically interested in the backstory of a nonexistent Pokemon that I decided to sort of give up on.

(but just in case … now I’ve said “Pokemon” three times. So there.)


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