Betcha on land they understand…

Because I had some paper and found a much nicer fine-tipped pen, I present for your viewing pleasure a Catfish (i.e. a Mackerel Tabby):

CatFishHonestly, I don’t have that much more to say about this one — the Catfish idea isn’t new, as I made several full-color ones (including a Maine Coon fairly similar to this one) when I was younger. The pearl necklace was an afterthought, since I figured she ought to get some fancy mermaid jewelry in lieu of a cat collar. As usual, I am far better at drawing the cat half than the fish half; I’m fairly certain a mackerel is significantly more sharky-looking around the tail, but in all honesty I didn’t actually think of the tabby pun until I had started filling in the stripes.

My only other comment is that I am typing entirely in the dark, and so far I’m actually doing okay except for those pesky hyphens. My mother would take this opportunity to insist that that Mavis Beacon software payed off in the end, but I clearly remember bluffing and lying my way through that program so it looked like I could type (shhhh). I think it was probably the years of posting on message boards, where there’s often enough time to type a lengthy paragraph but rarely enough to hunt-and-peck your way through every sentence, that compelled me to learn my way around a keyboard. I would still totally drop all of it for one of those keyboards where the letters aren’t arranged to slow down your typing, though. No one could stop me then!

(it would probably be a better superpower if I were a writer rather than an artist/library clerk, but who am I to sneeze at potential superpowers?)


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