It’s been a while…

…so I might be making a couple blog posts in a row this time (or at least more than one in a seven-day period — let’s not get too ambitious here).

For once I practically have a backlog of drawings, but for Valentine’s Day (and for no particular reason) I give you Vaguely Pensive Bear.

BearHe’s not reeeeallly a bear, strictly speaking, since I cobbled him together from dog, fox, human and teddy-bear pieces. That doesn’t sound like something you can actually do with a pencil drawing, but believe me, if you haven’t drawn a lot of actual bears (and are unwilling to go to the trouble of looking up an image) it is something of a necessity. I know what a dog’s muzzle, a hamster’s paws, a fox’s ears, and so on look like, and have a decent amount of experience drawing these things. Stretch/shrink/tweak/round off the edges as needed,  and you have a slightly uncanny-looking bear that is both somewhat realistic and somewhat “off” in a way that’s difficult to put your finger on if you’re not looking for it. Like one of those monkey-fish mermaids. And of course he has clearly human/cartoon eyes, but that’s where the teddy bear part comes in (that and too many Jan Brett books).

I did not bother sharpening the pencil while drawing this, so things were getting pretty rough by the time I got to the body and upper arms. It was one of those long-term spur-of-the-moment things where you go on for quite a bit but can’t stop or the spell is broken. I just felt like actually drawing a full-page animal for once, and Vaguely Pensive Bear was completed roughly one hour and 16 songs later (64 minutes, I suppose, if you average them all out to 4 minutes in length — it would be far less accurate to average the length of the titles, which ranged from the straightforward “Riptide” to the rather magnificent  “For the Widows in Paradise, For the Fatherless in Ypsilanti”).

Anyhow, that thar is a bahr. I kind of forgot halfway through whether I was drawing a grizzly or a black bear, so the lucky fellow gets qualities of both. Perhaps that’s what he’s Vaguely Pensive about. We may never know.

Happy Day-Before-Another-Massive-Candy-Sale!


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