Something Old, Something New…


This one is a “traditional” ink drawing that seemed a little boring in blue-and-white, so I decided to do a little digital coloring for once. I generally leave that to my plain line drawings, since otherwise there’s a lot of shading and detail that gets in the way, but I think this one turned out well enough considering. It’s actually been sitting around a while, but due to various Reasons it worked out better to give some other pictures priority. I got tired of waiting for this one, so here it is in the middle of the week as a sparkly little bonus.

It’s kind of your generic theropod/lizard thingie (no, I could not help adding the “raptor claw,” which is apparently not as subtle as I’d assumed), but with some of the colors and feather patterns making it a bit of a tribute to Quetzalcoatl and various mythical dragons/reptiles. Frankly, I gave it the least-detailed wing feathers I felt I could get away with, what I think of as “sparrow wings” though there’s a little more heft to them than that. The obscuring property of the color layer was actually a bonus for that part, since it helps downplay the wobbly edges on some of the less-defined feathers.

I don’t think this drawing really came from the recent Jurassic World hype, since it was actually finished before the Super Bowl trailer and all that came out, but it definitely gets me thinking about how all of us (I think you will pretty quickly recognize if you are an “us” ) are kind of excited and kind of horrified about this movie — it can’t possibly be as good as we want, but no way are we lowering our expectations to spare them the inevitable squashing. Even if it is truly awful and cringey overall (I’m potentially looking at you, Raptor Squad), parts of it are going to be awesome by nostalgic default and may very well redeem it against all objective movie logic. We know that’s exactly what they’re fishing for. WE DO NOT CARE. WE WILL GIVE THEM ALL OUR MONEY. It doesn’t work for every audience with every remake/sequel, but there’s usually that core group that will happily fall for the same thing again and again, no matter the track record (*cough*Godzilla reboots*cough*).

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a hankering to listen to my playlist of “iconic movie scores that can make any new trailer seem epic if you introduce a slowed-down version in the correct place.”


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