WesterBunnySaturdays are crazy busy for me these days, so I fear this blog may not get sent out in a particularly timely fashion for a while. I do try (mostly for the sake of keeping it a habit, as things that aren’t habits don’t get done at all), and I almost managed it this past Saturday … but then halfway through painting this rabbit in PSE I looked at the clock and realized it just wasn’t happening.

So, the rabbit. It’s a Wester Bunny. Y’know, because they have jackrabbits out west? You know? Right?

Okay, did I mention how late it was when I decided to draw this?

Anyhow, he’s basically just your average Southwestern Easter bunny, with fancy rust-and-ochre eggs for all the good boys and girls. Or all the boys and girls. I don’t actually remember how Easter Bunnies are supposed to work. I feel like they’re a lot less straightforward than some of the other magical gift fairies. Do they care if you behave for the rest of the year? Do they deal strictly in eggs and egg-themed loot, or is there an option for real presents? If you ask for the real present, do you forfeit the candy? Can you actually ASK the Easter Bunny for anything, or is it a kind of Chef’s Special thing where you just take what you get? I mean, all I know is I got a Fighting Action Simba toy from The Lion King for the last Easter I remember. Which not only wasn’t candy, it WASN’T EVEN SCAR. Why bother getting a toy with Real Fighting Action (this includes biting AND clawing, if you wondered) if it’s going to be the chunky grub-eating redhead with no claws? Insane Rockstar Scar would’ve been so much cooler. Darth Mufasa would’ve been cooler. “Haha first black Disney princess, that’s cute” Sarabi would’ve been cooler. This guy, he might be tied with Pumbaa.

Of course I didn’t say any of this at the time, because of course one must humbly accept gifts even when they are as massive an affront to childhood good taste as this. He was purchased by a Grown-Up, and Grown-Ups assume that children are rooting for the Good Guy in every story, rather than for whichever character seems most likely to be able to beat up all the other characters in the most theatrical way. What can I say, for all their imaginative powers kids are pretty solid realists when it comes to these things. They know what they want and who can deliver it, and silly things like morals and feelings aren’t going to change that.

Anyhow, what I’m getting at here is that for my birthday this year (which is very close to Easter again), I decided I was finally going to get myself a proper Fighting Action Scar. He’s in a box (and his original packaging, no less) right now, and I don’t get to open him for weeks, but when the day comes I am tearing through all that cardboard and plastic without a moment’s hesitation. A mint-condition Scar you can’t play with is even worse than a Simba, I think.


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