Do the Noodle Dance…

OdderThis … is an otter dog.

Not an otter *hound*, mind you, as that would be a regular dog bred for hunting otters.

This is a much odder dog, if you’ll forgive the pun (or really, even if you can’t). It’s not really a dog at all, as some key features look decidedly wrong. As with the Slightly Irregular Bear from earlier, I was just drawing for the sake of drawing, and that tends to result in unnecessary details. Details like a weird otter/walrus/terrier mustache and big webbed feet. It COULD be a dog, I suppose, but it was never really supposed to be.

This one’s even more iffy than the bear because it was, in fact, drawn during Hulu commercial breaks while I was catching up on the most recent Flash episode. I was also working my way through the sequel to Seraphina (a bit of a rougher read so far — I like how she writes species better than how she writes cultures, and some of the word coinage seems a bit awkward — but it’s still interesting, and not half as linguistically uninspired as the Hunger Games series) … I can’t really handle being completely idle long enough to watch a whole episode of a TV show with commercials. I may also have been eating supper.

And finally, a confession: That tail is wagging because I drew it too big the first time and couldn’t fully erase away the “shadow” left by the larger version. Turning it into an afterimage (a “speed mirage,” if you will — okay yeah, maybe it wasn’t all drawn during commercials) seemed like the quickest solution. I’m pretty sure this is the secret reasoning behind about 70% of motion blur in art.


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