Girls, girls, girls….

I’m still getting over this season’s persistent little cough-and-cold combo, so not much writing is going to happen tonight. But here’s a sneak peek at the current progress of a design that’s been occupying most of my time this past week. Basically, there aren’t enough girly dinosaur things that aren’t pink, glittery and/or wearing lipstick (that’s right, lipstick). I like pink fine, okay, but let’s face it: there aren’t a ton of intimidating sparkly pink things. It’s just how things are. When I need a shirt with a giant Velociraptor on it, I’m not going to be looking in the girls’ section, is all I’m saying.

Now, seeing as how all the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park, not to mention that one kind of embarrassing Godzilla that nobody talks about anymore, were female, you’d think we would have gotten SOMETHING besides “clever girl” out of all this. But alas, we have to work with what we have … or expand upon it, as the case may be.


And yes, despite eventually separating Bold and Strong, I do still wind up with “I Will Wait” in my head every time I start working on this. Hazard of the job.


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