I’ve been everywhere, man….

…I haven’t, actually. I’ve physically occupied space claimed as the territory of many states, particularly the Western ones; but this was mostly from the innards of a vehicle in-transit to other states. I’ve only properly visited a handful unless you count visiting relatives as a baby (I feel like it shouldn’t count if I don’t remember it). I’m pretty sure I’ve never actually left the country, and I’ve definitely not set out on a variety of epic road trips for the sheer joy of being stuck in a smoke-belching tin can for hours on end while the scenery whirs past too quickly to appreciate and everything blurs into one pulsing headache-inducing rhythm.

But some people have, and some people find the prospect of making a short, possibly crowdfunding-related, video to that effect a bit daunting. Soooo, I’m working on a little something in my spare time. Yes, this is my current excuse for not having any paper drawings or witty commentary this week. You have to admit, the excuses themselves are on their way to becoming an art form, are they not?


Well, that was a rhetorical question anyhow, so joke’s on you for answering. Ha! Ha! ~Damaged!~

Wait, no, scratch that last one.

Anyhow, here’s a small beige sedan traversing the West. PSE is *not* the most robust animation tool, but for a quick preview it does have the advantage of … being the program I already had open.



One thought on “I’ve been everywhere, man….

  1. It is a cute little car, especially when it gets tiny. Looks like it’s going to the beach in CA. Is their room for one more?

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