All the dog puns are taken…

…But hey, I work with what I have.

Anyhow, coming soon to a Kickstarter near you is: Please Don’t Eat the Dashboard. This is a VERY rough look at the temp cover, which hopefully will in turn bear some small resemblance to the final cover. Book covers are notoriously fickle things, which is perhaps why one oughtn’t judge by them, but blank cardboard looks pretty shabby. And so, a cover there must be!

DashboardMockThe promotional video took an unreasonable amount of time to make, but it had its fun moments, and it’s very nearly done now. Fingers crossed that the author doesn’t mind that my drawings of the main character are a somewhat hair-focused caricature of herself … ah well, it’s done now, no time left to complain!

In wildly unrelated news, I really love that libraries participate in Free Comic Book Day. Partly because, you know, offering free books is a very Library thing to do even if it’s not always people’s first thought of “where to get FCBD books” (especially here with two decent-sized comic stores in town). But in my case mostly because I am ALWAYS working on the first Saturday in May, and it’s nice to still have the option to grab some of the good stuff before it’s gone. Except for the Doctor Who comics, of course. The Doctor Who comics lasted about 15 minutes. I counted.


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