The Mother Ship(per)

It Is Done. The Kickstarter is up and running, and I like to think that this means WE’RE GOOD FOR MOTHER’S DAY, RIGHT MOM?

The video is done, and in addition I’m contributing some of my Extra Fancy Artwork (i.e. prints of PSE drawings) to the cause. For the low, low price of fifteen dollars OR the high, high price of $120 (don’t worry, there’s a book and some other junk included in that one, plus those prints are ~signed limited editions~) you can have your very own Please Don’t Eat the Dashboard print by Drawn @ Random!

Full disclosure, some of these will be made on demand, more or less. They’re quick-ish to produce, but still pretty labor intensive, and since they feature animals from the book they’ll be used exclusively for the Kickstarter project. I don’t think it would be a wise time investment to make a ton of these without knowing people will actually want them.

But I do have a couple made up, and if anyone *does* ask for one then I’ll post updates to this blog whenever I finish a new set of pets. Starting us off is the book’s first pair of pet passengers, the Cattle Dogs. No, they didn’t have names — nor did the real-life dynamic duo that inspired them. Apparently, people who plan to sell or give away their animals are rather like farmers in that they try not to name things. Anyhow, you can probably (hopefully) guess how angelic these guys turned out to be…. (Ooh, I should include a little backstory about the Real Pets with each of these if I wind up making more)

1miniCattleDogsAn aside, here: You’ll notice (assuming you’ve gone and clicked on the Kickstarter link — if you haven’t, I’ll wait)…

Right. You’ll notice that words like “transporter” and “courier” are used to describe the protagonist’s job. The author (i.e. Dear Mother) wanted to use “shipper,” as it was her accustomed terminology and seemed to sum things up pretty succinctly.

I said that made them sound too much like cargo. I said it wasn’t what the job was actually called, I said it wasn’t classy enough. I said a variety of things, but mostly to support the one reason that would make sense only to me: Absent any extra context, “shipper” means a very different thing to my generation. Now, I don’t really think my age group is the target audience here, and even if we were we could probably figure it out after a couple seconds, but nevertheless. “Pet Shipper” just brings up weird mental images for me. Thanks, internet.

But of course, the internet allows me to share all the various imagery that spews out of my brain — plus commentary! — with the world every week, whether the world wants it or not. It also allows me to find reference images of Australian Cattle Dogs at 12:11 AM on a Sunday whilst listening to obscure Swedish alt-rock. Thanks, internet!


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