It doesn’t work on water….


So. Today.

Today was interesting.

Today, like it was last year, was a free fishing weekend. It wasn’t pouring like last year (it got that out of its system last night, tipping over some small structures in the process), nor was the forecast especially hot.

The idea was to drive out to a nearby river in the early hours and snag a good fishing spot, maybe catch something or at least enjoy the cool morning.

In practice, things rarely work so smoothly.

First off, I’ve discovered I cannot rely on any plan that has “drive” as any of the steps. Cars break down. Fairly often, as it turns out. Different cars, different drivers, different situations, but it does tend to be when I personally want to go somewhere. Or maybe those are just the ones I notice.

Anyhow, that was the first thing. Sort of the major thing, I suppose, since subsequent choices stemmed from the whole “stranded on the highway before any friends with a vehicle are actually awake” thing. Actually, I guess it was the worms that started it — no bait shops nearby, so why not drive out of town for the fishing part as well?

So, the next choice was taking the bus to a much more nearby — but rather rain-swollen and fast-flowing — little river and hoping for the best. By then, of course, it was just about midday and not a great fishing time no matter how you looked at it. Bugs bit, hooks were snagged in submerged tree roots, mud was sat in, and poison ivy was identified in abundance. No fish were caught.

Some young people bobbed by on brightly-colored plastic pool rafts. I privately hoped they would capsize a little bit in the rapids. They did not. They did, however, capsize a little bit in the calm water before the rapids, which actually was kind of better.

Once home from this somewhat anticlimactic endeavor, I was meandering around online and saw that we had some sort of fabulous toastmobile in town. Toast! On wheels! What could be better? And in walking distance, to boot!

I never found the toastmobile. It may have been invisible. It may also have been in a slightly secluded location, but toast isn’t THAT fabulous. I wasn’t about to go crawling around people’s backyards to find possible toast.

So, that was my Sunday. I did meet some interesting bugs by the river today, at least. A wolf spider perpetually feeling around in front of it like a person walking in the dark; a horrific-looking wasp-zombie that turned out to be the thorax and one wing of a dead wasp carried in the jaws of a wasp-sized carpenter ant; and our star of the day, a hoverfly that swooped down to introduce itself to every yellow object I had with me, including the yellow-striped laces on my boot. I don’t know if it thought they were other hoverflies or tasty flowers (I often see hoverflies on yellow flowers) or what, but it didn’t seem at all interested in my teal shirt or the green half of my fishing rod. That said, it didn’t go after the yellow bobber (the same one that “caught” some damselflies last year); but maybe they don’t care to venture away from the safety of dry land.

Here’s hoping the hoverfly, at least, found what it was looking for in the end — I imagine that shoelaces would be even more disappointing than a nonexistent toastmobile.


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