A horse of a different color….

Unicorn This is a Perfectly Generic Unicorn. It is not excessively dainty, chunky, sparkly or scary, nor is it particularly unusual in any way, as unicorns go. It’s not even particularly unusual as horses go, except for the horn, slight beard, and unicorn tail.

The reason for this is mainly that I didn’t draw him/her/it (as I said, Perfectly Generic) in any particular fit of creative inspiration or even out of boredom. I just needed a unicorn that wasn’t “for” anyone specific — girls, boys, kids, adults, laypeople, fantasy buffs, whatever. An octopus, if you will (I would say “chameleon” but I believe I’ve established how I feel about such wantonly inaccurate mental imagery).

The original intention was to leave it at that — a unicorn whose unicorn-ness could be appreciated by the masses, without loudly blaring its affiliation with some stereotypical audience in such a way as to drive off all others. (This admittedly may be tied to some residual grumbling on my part about PINK SPARKLY EVERYTHING girls’ and women’s designs, but not solely so; everybody deserves a unicorn.)

But then I got tired of trying do decide on a color, and I realized: Why should I decide? What would be more awesome than a SEMI-TRANSPARENT CUSTOMIZABLE UNICORN?

Well, lots of things probably, but I was pretty psyched about not having to choose what color to make it. Some excessive free time and a rediscovery of Fontsquirrel later, I wound up with a slightly more elaborate variant on that idea for my finished product (black is just what “transparent” defaults to on my image-cropping program, but I kind ofl ike it so I kept it):

RainbowCornminiBecause they totally do.

(I actually had the body fully transparent with just the “muscle” shading and edge lines at first, but this way you can still change the color without it completely merging into the background.)

Also: Isn’t that font amazing? It’s called Exotica and it’s pretty much the fanciest thing ever. So fancy it always freezes my computer when I try to open the file to look at it. Only the best for my unicorn.


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