Some nights….

PupThis is a smallish dog of indeterminate heritage. I believe he’s part terrier of some kind, part weirdlowerhindlegshound.

Don’t judge him too harshly though, as he was drawn rather hastily over the duration of a single pop song — a regular radio-size pop song too, not even one of those crazy eight-minute ones where half of it is just robot voices while the singer takes a bathroom break or whatever. It wasn’t a wildly inspirational pop song, but it was one of those that you can’t just sit solemnly and listen to, so you have to either dance or draw dogs. I wasn’t really feeling up for dancing. Plus I didn’t have any better ideas for this week’s art.

See, I already posted my fabulous all-inclusive rainbow unicorn a couple weeks ago, so if you want something festive you can just go back and stare at that for a while. I’m all for equality and stuff, but fun things like rainbows are hard to draw with a pencil and my digital art is on hold indefinitely due to Intuos hijinks. The tablet technically functions, but my old preferences (including such basics as right-click and tablet orientation) are a fast-receding memory and pen pressure is nonexistent. I have tried all the suggestions the Internet has to offer, and succeeded only in restarting my computer about a week’s worth of times in a few hours.

It’s the little things, the things you take for granted, that always decide to go when you dare to think, “well, at least that’s as bad as that’s going to get, then.”

I mean, when it’s almost July and you suddenly don’t have an air conditioner or a car, who thinks, “uh-oh, I hope my often-buggy Intuos driver doesn’t also spontaneously cease to function in a far more profound and utterly unfixable way than it ever has before”?

I’m just gonna go ahead and blame solar flares, because at least then I can walk around during my day shaking my fist at the sun, muttering darkly, and generally causing passersby to keep a wary distance from me. Silver linings and all, you know.


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