I have a little box under me arm…


Ordinarily, this picture would not be much of a feat. It might even be a bit of a disappointment, since it lacks that final polish I usually have the leisure of giving to my digital drawings.

But for now it was a somewhat heroic effort, as I drew it with — you guessed it — my terminally-ailing Intuos tablet whose Preferences settings I may well never access again. If you are not in possession of one of these venerable old creatures yourself, suffice to say that the factory default settings are NOT conducive to using Inkscape or Photoshop, especially not left-handed.

I didn’t even give up on it … it just took so much unnecessary clicking and wiggling and complicated voodoo rituals to get anything to work the way I wanted, that Inkscape finally just decided it deserved better than this and crashed on me. Before I’d saved it as an SVG, mind you — it was taking so long to export the PNG version I needed, I put the editable version on hold till what turned out to be never.

But enough moaning and whimpering. This is what I wound up with, and all things considered it could’ve been a lot worse. I’d wanted to add Wren to my Tricksters collection for a while, as the story of how Wren got the better of Eagle to become King of the Birds was always a favorite of mine. I have a soft spot for the Wren Song (the faded, larger text in the background) too, grim though it may be.

I knew I wanted Eagle to make an appearance in the picture, but incorporating him without overwhelming little Wren was the problem. I like the idea of the design as I have it now — Wren sort of “wearing” Eagle’s wings with just a hint of his head and beak at the bottom — so it’s mostly just the text and positioning that I wish I’d had more time for. To be perfectly honest, that goofy “crow riding an eagle” picture that I briefly scrolled past on Facebook one day was what reminded me I’d been putting off drawing this idea for too long. I probably would’ve just moped around waiting for the Intuos to start functioning again, otherwise. Time will tell how the newest Windows version gets along with my poor wee tablet, and whether I’ve figured out any usable alternatives in the meantime.

I’m still going to attempt to get a Shetland & Pony post out this month, ideally as a tie-in to this one since there are quite a lot of wrens around here lately. I might as well get a little extra practice drawing them. Wish me luck, and happy what’s-left-of-your-4th-of-July-weekend to all you Americans for whom such luxuries as holiday weekends apply!


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