He’s a … transpondster!

Okay, it’s been a while, I know. I’ve been busy with school, but not THAT busy. I just get these laziness outbursts sometimes, and it’s hard to stop them.

Normally I’m not a fan of hashtags, daily things, or “new” words that are a cutesy mashup of common nouns and day/month names (needless to say, the assignation of a cutesy hashtag and/or mashup noun to each day of the week  wasn’t exactly something I embraced lovingly). I love some neologisms, but if I’m honest about it I do tend to bristle at them in general. I’m just a crusty boring old person that way. But desperate times such as this call for desperate measures, and as these things go, #inktober isn’t the worst thing to go with. It’s not even that cutesy, and it’s a lovely black-and-orange color. (That’s not the synaesthesia talking, just sensible word association — try it. Well, it is, isn’t it? Ink is black, and October is pretty inextricably pumpkin-spice-orange at this point.)

So basically this is like my NaNoWriMo (abbreviation, not a word, doesn’t count) attempt before, where I did pencil drawings instead of words. InkTober (which was apparently born in 2009, so I’m a bit late to this particular party) pretty much asks you to do the same thing, but in ink. Since much of my classwork involves drawing ink doodles while classmates ask the same questions over and over to avoid doing anything else during class, I can pretty much guarantee a daily supply of ink drawings. I can’t guarantee *good-quality* drawings, but I’m told this is not the point. This is a particularly appealing point.

The only tough part is going to be posting them in any kind of regular fashion, for reasons previously mentioned, and as it is in fact October 2 right now I’m already a day behind. Not the most auspicious start. But I do have in my possession an ink drawing from yesterday as well as one from today, so let’s get this month on the road.


During Spanish, as you can probably surmise, in the chunk of time set aside for those who hadn’t gotten around to their homework for the day. For once I was on top of things, so I had time to draw the university mascot as a dinosaur. I mean, he’s a bird with hands and teeth — he’s basically a dinosaur anyhow.


During Linguistics, while we went over how my instructor had been summoned out of the state (he may be a wizard?) and a substitute would be teaching us morphology (which we already learned a couple weeks ago in a different course). A good time for complicated floaty dragons.

Well, there we go! All caught up for the first two days. We’ll see how this goes….


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