Without conviction….

Not much tonight, just a wee little chameleon of indeterminate species and gender. I guess she looks kind of like what Magic School Bus’s “Liz” ought to have looked like if she were in fact a female Jackson’s chameleon (but with more of a veiled-chameleon casque).

Inktober05I fear I had “Karma Chameleon” in my head for much of today. It’s really not a bad song, and I’ve always found the video hugely entertaining (MJ knew his way around a dance number, but Boy George can accessorize and sometimes that’s just as good). But it’s catchy, which means it won’t let go once your logic instructor is explaining how to sell derive a contradiction, nor for the rest of the day while you tidy pillows and wave at toddlers (yes that is actually my job, but only on quiet Mondays).


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