What big teeth you have….

Basically, this guy was a failed attempt at a bird. I started with the neck and the beaky upper jaw, but I just wasn’t feeling the way that throat turned out. Rather than scrap it entirely and start from scratch (it’s a long class, sure, but sometimes I actually have to pay attention), I decided to make it a … mammal in bird’s clothing? I ended up not really committing to that either, except with a few little flourishes — the winglike “swoop” on the flank and some vaguely scaly markings on the limbs. Mostly, he just ended up with the generic “jungle markings” I slap on everything I’m not sure how to decorate. All things considered though, it’s kind of ironic that this InkTober thing is a lot easier on class days than on days off.

Inktober06Yes, it says “Nintendo DS” down there. It’s part of a test for English. So modern!


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