Shade to black…

Oh hey, I forgot some days again!

Not so bad this time, though. We’ll build up to the most recent again, starting with Friday’s in-class masterpiece:

Inktober16My usual trick of slapping gecko markings on a dragon so I don’t have to think of new ones! To be fair, I was kind of busy learning about existential instantiation at the time.


On a similar theme, the most generic carnivore. Incidentally, all the markings here are basically triangles — “eyebrows,” “eyeliner,” shoulder patch, head stripe, nosey bits — despite being based on actual common markings for carnivorous mammals (feline, canine, vulpine, etc.).

Inktober18Finally, more generic-type markings, of the sparrow/thrush type this time. That’s not actually meant to be shading on the tail — it’s where this particular drawing came to a tragic and untimely end due to the death of my pen. Oh well, it kinda *looks* intentional, even if it did run out right before I was able to ink over that phantom “No” in the middle of the page. I think I was answering a question for Spanish, because the beginning of whatever the next word was going to be was either terrible penmanship or not English.


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