Song for the living….

Apparently this is the part of the semester where instructors are more likely to walk around and stare at what you’re doing, because another one came over and noticed my doodles. I did them before class technically started this time, so still no worries (not that it should really be a problem in any class but Spanish anyhow, since I’m actually doing well in all the others).

I’m not sure whether the “holy crap!” was for the skeleton, the scare(y)crow, or the cat-Cubone thing — or just the tone in general — but I’m going to consider it a compliment from her anyhow.


And my Pharaoh-hound Anubis with the necklace from before was kind of disappointing, so here’s more of a proper jackal, wearing nothing but a mischievous smile. Furthermore, since it’s kind of a theme at this point, this one’s for Sea Wolf’s “Song For the Dead,” which I’ve had for a while but which happens to come after Twin Skeleton’s Hotel and Emperor’s New Clothes on my Halloween playlist.


I posted this a bit too late, so I guess a Happy Halloween is in order as well! We’ll see if I manage to post the last one on time tomorrow, or if I’m too busy partying.

Har. I think I’ll be fine.


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