Days will come and go….

Hello again!

As you may have guessed, it’s no coincidence that it’s the final week of the semester and I’ve suddenly started posting again. I just finished the last exam this morning, and rather than spend my newfound free time constantly reloading to see if my grades have been posted yet, I figured I should do something marginally more constructive.

So I’m watching RiffTrax.

But before that I was listening to Foo Fighters, partly because I can’t turn down a free album and partly because I really like “Saint Cecilia.” And not just because it’s the name of a nearby church.

As you may recall from your mist-shrouded memories of this past October, two whole months ago, when I mention a song here it means I drew something for it. So, without further ado:


Yeah, I got a little lazy once I reached the feet. Feet are hard. Actually, remembering to draw the thing the feet are on before drawing the feet themselves is hard. This particular lack of foresight has been a problem of mine since I was about six years old, so I’m really not expecting much improvement at this point.

Requisite backstory: I always love how enthusiastically starlings sing, and they’re really quite good at it as well. They don’t just stick to the same old tune — they mimic, remix, and improvise using sounds from their surroundings. They seem to have a thing for hawk cries, which used to make my backyard sound like a scene from an old Western, but once they get going they can sing beautiful music as well. Since St. Cecilia is the patron saint of musicians, a starling seemed like a sensible choice.


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