For auld lang syne…

Man oh man, time for a feelings-break. I know sappy stuff is popular this time of year, but I seem to have stumbled on an entire decade-plus backlog of feels over the course of this week. First we had The Good Dinosaur. Okay, kind of knew that was coming to a degree there, but it’s not just the whole thing with the parents. Disney and, to an extent, Pixar kill off parents, hat’s just their thing, and I get it. Who wants a cartoon about an adventure that keeps getting interrupted by the mundane demands of a stable nuclear family? The requisite child protagonist, given zero or limited parental supervision, can get into all kinds of ridiculous trouble without getting IN trouble. Also, Batman.


It’s not the orphan/widow thing, is what I’m saying. It’s virtually everything else that happens in this movie. I mean, one of the lead characters is a toddler/puppy who keeps almost getting killed. Dude. Plus, all the howling. It totally makes sense — humans copy animals all the time, especially canines, we have similar social structures, and howling carries well over distances like yodeling. But it’s a SAD sound, especially since more parallels are made to dogs than wolves over the course of the movie; howling dogs, of course, are associated with mourning first and foremost.

Then I tuned into that SNL special that talks about the show in the 00’s. Oh hey, lots of good cast members in that decade, crazy elections, this should be a lark.

Except of course, a good deal of it was devoted to ’01 and the aftermath, and that episode with the firefighters. I was ten in ’01 and was basically just upset that the news interrupted Pokemon (because children are horrible creatures and also because I just assumed bad things were what the news was about so how was this different?), but I can never *quite* handle the bit with the firefighters.

So I made it through that, and decided to listen to Auld Lang Syne while trying to draw something for my blog tonight. I couldn’t remember which one I’d listened to and liked earlier, so I just told Spotify to play them all. Soon we got to a Kenny G version from ’99, the “Millennium Mix.” Lots and lots of news clips over the music. I was half-listening at first and was just off the SNL special, so I thought, “Oh, they’ll probably end with 9/11″… then remembered that it hadn’t happened yet. Kind of a weird sensation to listen to 100+ years of the most notable and emotional events — some of which even my young self was around for — and have it cut off right before that.

SO, now I’m listening to the P!nk album I got for Christmas and skipping the slow songs. Even that can’t drown out the wind though, which is doing some proper howling of its own. It’s been doing this all night, thus my North Wind sketch (black Crayola pencil on sketch pad, because that’s what I got for Christmas and sometimes you gotta go with the classics) for tonight.


Yes, it looks like a Reshiram crossed with a Linoone. No, it wasn’t intentional. DEAL WITH IT.

Oops, maybe that’s enough P!nk for me.

Happy Sappy Holidays!


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