Lumiere, darling…

Okay. I understand that “lumière” means “light.” Even as a little kid watching Beauty and the Beast, it was hard to miss the increasingly-convenient names of Beast’s staff, culminating of course with Mrs. Potts, where they just threw up their hands and went, “to heck with even basic cartoon-level subtlety!” I imagine this is much the same as what happened when the people charged with choosing the English-language Pokemon names decided on “Seel” for … y’know, the one that’s a seal. Even Ekans has the decency to be written backwards….

That said, a movie like Beauty and the Beast is not so easily walled off as some more-mundane context wherein mere synonyms and homonyms reside. It’s easy enough to say, “well he’s obviously talking about her hair and not a hare, because only the first one would make any sense in this sentence.” You don’t even have to think about it, really. It’s a love song, the default is “no wildlife.” But Lumiere is LUMIERE. It doesn’t matter if you already knew prior to 1994 that “simba” was a word for lion, if it pops up unexpectedly in a sentence from now on you’re gonna see a particular Simba whether his presence make ANY sense or not. This is just how these things work.

I guess it’s what I get for listening to Tenerife Sea instead of proper festive music. To be fair though, The Parting Glass is fairly festive, and I can’t help what’s on the same album….

What I’m trying to say is, have a happy new year and please enjoy this unsettling mental image to haunt welcome you into 2016:


I’ll have you know that I don’t have the faintest clue where my eraser has gone (I had more, but finals week did the smaller ones in), so all errors and base sketching had to remain in place. I think it adds nicely to the overall creepy nature of an animate candelabrum with a coy smile and a melting forehead, though.



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