Welcome to the Devil’s Playground…

I’m back, and I’ve had a LOT of free time. And you know what that means … FANART! WITH JACKALS!

Wait, what?

Well, you know that phase all aspiring artists go through where they draw people as animals? All the people, all the animals? Partly because cartoons and partly on account of how humans are way better at noticing problems with a drawing of a human face versus an anthropomorphic animal face?

Well, as you may or may not have noticed by now, I never really got over that phase.

I also never got over the “must associate all thoughts, actions, occurrences, etc. with a song” phase, though to be fair it’s much easier to finish a time-intensive drawing project when you have a song or two to tie it to. Keeps things consistent.

So, of the TV series I’m currently keeping up with, Lucifer was the first to go on hiatus, and the show that’s not currently running is somehow the one you always end up thinking about the most. I actually wanted to do some kind of artwork tied to the song “Eden” by Guster, which immediately reminded me of the show (but listen to the live version, the harmonies are much nicer). But then I heard Devil’s Playground by Rigs, and … well c’mon, that’s a no-brainer. Even YouTube’s comment crew are on board with this one, and they don’t even think that Run Baby Run is a werewolf song.


Piano, a male and female duet, and lyrics that might as well be the slogan for Maze and Lucy’s establishment. C’est parfait. Unfortunately, I don’t draw people. And not for … well, not entirely for want of trying. Besides, it’s much more fun to try to match a human character to an appropriate animal equivalent, and since canids tend to be the easiest to draw, I started there. Lucifer and co. aren’t exactly human, so I decided dogs (my usual go-to) were out. Jackals are associated with the afterlife, making them an obvious choice for Amenadiel and Lucifer. One has black wings and one has white scars, so Lucy got to be the taller Side-Striped Jackal while Amenadiel (who’s not actually in this picture, but what would I be if I didn’t always have at least one work-in-progress going?) will get the smaller Black-Backed Jackal. Mazikeen is a different beast entirely, and between her personality and the colors she wore in the finale, a Red Fox  seemed appropriate.

I can’t draw pianos either, for what it’s worth, but in this case it felt kind of indispensable, so I threw together the most piano-shaped blob I could manage and added a thingy that might look like a piano bench (by the time I got to that bench I wasn’t even up to doing a Google image search, honestly. OKAY FINE I PUT VERY LITTLE EFFORT INTO THE PROPS). I even almost made a background! And added shadows that sorrrrt of take into account the direction of the light! Kind of! Basically, it took long enough that I’m breaking my “no digitally-drawn pictures” rule on this blog again.

So without further ado, here’s the work of my idle hands:




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