Well isn’t that special…

I don’t know why Styracosaurus needed to be a unicorn — especially since that frill means it has rather more than one horn, TECHNICALLY — but there you are. This looks like another shamefully digital drawing on my hand-drawn art blog, but the main dinosaur is hand-drawn, with coloring and clean-up done digitally. The dinosaur itself was admittedly the work of all of five minutes with minimal image referencing, though. Nothing must taint my mental ideal of Styracosaurus, a little yellow toy from whatever stage of childhood at which I was young enough to think it was a good idea to use my plastic dinosaurs’ tails as screwdrivers on common household objects.

Styracosaurus was obviously the coolest of my non-theropod dinosaurs because he had all those crazy spikes going on and he was aggressively non-green/gray/brown. I have to say, making dinosaurs more colorful would probably be the best scientific contribution of this century if my seven-year-old self were the judge of such things. I just spent a lot more than a poor college student should on a Kickstarter (which met its funding goal like a bazillion times over, so at least it’s not just me here) for feathered, bird-colored toy raptors. Two, SO I CAN MAKE THEM FIGHT. (kidding … sort of, but quick anecdote digression: A ten-year-old boy at the comic-book store bought two Zootopia blind boxes, pulled the big elephant and the cute Fennec fox in an elephant costume … and immediately started hitting them together to make them fight, like it wasn’t even a conscious decision but just what happens when you have two toys.)

Anyhow, if a dinosaur can have purple feathers, I really don’t see why it *can’t* be a rainbow unicorn.


…Happy Memorial Day?


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