The wonderful thing about Tiggers…

Flashback Friday, I guess? December … 25th or 26th I suppose, 2002, which would make me a preteen with a brand-new sketch book for Christmas.

I like to think I’ve improved a little since then, but it was on this drawing of Tigger (due partly to the huge 14×17 paper I had to work with) that I first started paying proper attention to how a tabby cat’s markings — especially around the eyes — looked instead of just drawing random tiger stripes and stamping an “M” on the forehead. I think of this drawing and its companion (of his frenemy Mittens, the one *without* white paws … it’s a long story) any time I add a decorative eye stripe to a fantasy creature, like the pair in Harmony (which incidentally was drawn on the same sketch pad). Mittens’ sketch was more accurate and complete, because Tig would always be running around or hiding under things, but that smirk is all him.


You weren’t mine, Tiggy (though is a cat ever anyone’s but his own?), but you were a good kitty. I’m sure Mittens will be delighted to see you….


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