Wild dogs cry out in the night….

I can’t actually remember why I called the original version of this drawing “Rainmaker,” aside from I originally pictured it running through the dry grass with the rains following behind, a sort of monsoon-bringer.

I started it out in GIMP or PSE or something or other, and never finished it even a little bit. I’m not even sure I still have the original file. But based on my memory of that one, and a vague recollection of what I wanted it to look like combined with what I felt like drawing now, I took on the perhaps-ill-advised project of recreating it, in its entirety, in a different medium (graphite).

I’m not gonna lie. In the end there was a lot of ¬†walking back three paces from the sketch book and squinting and “eh, I dunno, I’ll make it darker here cuz that looks right” and “sure, that looks fuzzy now” and VERY LITTLE IF ANY actual professional-type attempts to think about where the light was coming from or to look at images of actual animals to establish how it would make sense to put this guy together. What can I say, I get lazy when classes start up.

But as a just-for-fun project this guy actually was pretty fun. An excuse to work around all the hard parts of caracals, hyenas, lions, buffalo, etc. by just transitioning to a new animal when I couldn’t figure out what came next. I said “heck with this” on the limbs. I even let myself skip pretending to attempt a background. So without further ado, The Rainmaker:



Team Bookworm…

I don’t have much to write today; I’m currently working on something that will hopefully tide me over somewhat for when classes start again. More on that to follow.

Until then, here’s the (hopefully) final version of my riff on the Pokemon GO loading screen we all know and … well, know, currently available on Redbubble:


I could use this space to rant about people/the media apparently using GO as a way to blame mugging/stabbing/whatever victims for not taking proper anti-stabbing measures while out walking or whatever, but I shall try to keep things positive for once. Dragons!