You underestimate…

Inktober sketchdump #2, again mostly drawn in class. What can I say, Psych tends not to be extremely riveting.


The exception here is Blackbird, who came to be while I was listening to my newest round of Halloween music.

I prefer Halloween tunes that are at least a *little* subtle, so although the Nightmare Before Christmas theme is obviously a staple, a lot of other old standbys like Monster Mash or the Ghostbusters theme and so on didn’t make the cut. There are also a lot of “eh sure, this seems spooky” choices that don’t really hold up to scrutiny but I like ’em and I’m stubborn.

Most lie somewhere in-between, and one of those is Something to Believe In by Young the Giant. Ghosts, demons, requisite “ooOOOooo” chorus in the background? Check, check and check. It’s this year’s equivalent of I’m Only Joking from 2014 or Emperor’s New Clothes from 2015, I guess. And since they’ve daringly rhymed “track” with “track” (admittedly using two different senses of the word, but still) in the chorus, I can’t help but want a similar symmetry between the other two nouns in those lines — “black book” and “songbird,” respectively. (You may point out that “railroad” is also a noun despite functioning as a modifier here, and that “black book” is obviously a noun plus an adjective, but I will just cover my ears and sing over you because YOU’RE NOT MY GRAMMAR TEACHER.) Anyhow, my brain’s solution is obviously to picture said songbird as a blackbird, and a pretty smug (slightly hook-billed) one at that.



Which works out in the end, I suppose, because blackbirds are a pretty underestimated songbird if you ask me.

Speaking of birds, hopefully I’ll have more Runty Pigeon for you by Monday — fingers crossed!


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