Promises, promises….

Well, so much for having time to do stuff! I’ve still been drawing, but unfortunately got distracted by equal parts Life Things and Other Drawing Things. First off, some back issues for Inktober:


I’m fully aware that this dude’s gears and things make NO mechanical sense, but to be fair I was also diagramming sentences at the time. And also I don’t know how machines work.


Birdfish! Fishbird? I dunno, not much to say about this one.


Mildly alarming, but related to my Artistic Distractions, which included Redbubble’s #rbpetmonsters challenge on Instagram. Turning people’s pets into scary monsters? MY ENTIRE LIFE HAS PREPARED ME FOR THIS. So basically I had a lot of fun working on a bearded dragon, cat, and (children of the) corn snake over the past few days.


I didn’t intend for him to come out so … oni, but trust me, looking like Bowser was way worse.


I know only marginally more about skeletons than I do about machinery.


And finally a snake with a knife, because sure.

Hopefully that will suffice until I can goad myself into posting stuff again!


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