Music in March….

Hey, look who’s here!

Since I have a sore throat, a day off from work, and we’re apparently under a tornado/hail/fire watch (because the seasons are made up and the points don’t matter), I figured I might as well take some time off from pretending to study and listening nervously to the wind. Yes, a tornado watch/warning here is less “augh must prepare to evacuate” and more “oh darn I have to put pants on,” but one should always treat March weather with extra suspicion.

Okay, I think that was thunder?

Anyhow, drawing is easiest for me when I have a song to go from, so I decided that would be my theme for this month, to encourage a bit more actual artwork-ing. First off is sort of cheating, since I made it in a previous month, but I have to get started someh–

okay yeah that was definitely thunder and now it’s pouring, yay

Anyhow, I was listening to the song “Monster Lead Me Home” and got to thinking, well, a lot of assumptions get made right off the bat with words like “monster.” If there’s a connotation of “protective” there it’s usually aggressive, masculine, and fairly one-way. But could there be a more ambiguous or reciprocal relationship? The first thing that came to mind was a large mother “beast” of some sort, which ultimately led me to thinking of Little Kids and Their Big Dogs  So I decided to use the song and images as a basis for a drawing (in my fave colors, of course) of a small child and her (or his, if you like, but I had a specific little girl in mind while I was drawing) Akita in a dark forest. The kid is wearing a monster hat, because those things are adorable, and the Akita looks vaguely intimidating (what big teeth she has!) but overall non-threatening, and I leave it up to you to decide which monster is leading whom.



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