A fire in a flask….

Hurricane, by Panic! at the Disco

They know, I know/That they don’t look like me
Oh, they know, I know/That they don’t sound like me
You’ll dance to anything/You’ll dance to anything


Naturally we were going to get a Panic! at the Disco song in here eventually since they’re on tour right now … anyhow, these songs always make me think of dancing birds, and even more so for one that actually mentions dancing. But Velociraptors are more fun to draw, so that’s what you’re getting.

For this one I imagined a fella from a neighboring region, with a slightly different type of plumage and courtship ritual, stopping by to check out the local ladies (sort of like what you get with modern songbirds of closely-related species when ranges overlap). Those proper males in the background are not at all impressed with the little newcomer’s fluffy crest and rather modest feather-sideburns, but the female (the taller one, because raptors) seems to be enjoying this dance….


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