Stopping by woods on a summer evening…

Okay, so on the one hand, don’t go out for a walk in the woods in the middle of the night. It’s dumb, because you will probably be ax murdered/fall in a hole/get eaten by bears or whatever, and there will be mosquitoes everywhere, and weird birds that sound like angry old ladies yelling, and you will forget there’s a bridge and almost trip over it; and you will definitely forget about that stadium that means even in the relative middle of nowhere it will still be too bright to have any hope of seeing the Northern lights no matter how long you hang out there.
HOWEVER, on the other hand, definitely go for a walk in the woods in the middle of the night, because no one else will be out there (not even ax murderers really, because someone who camps out in the middle of a low-traffic path in the middle of the woods on a Sunday night is going about axe-murdering all wrong), and all that light pollution will actually make it just bright enough to keep to the white gravel path, and to see the wings of low-flying bats or glimpse the fur of a young raccoon scooting up a tree; but also there will be places where the cottonwoods and the creeper and the wild grape all meet overhead and in those moments it will be friggin’ Miyazaki-level magical because there will be nothing but dark trees, pale stones, frog song, and more than enough fireflies to make up for the stars you can’t quite see.
Also your phone has a flashlight, so what are you even worried about.