“Why,” you ask?

The title of this blog, aside from being a somewhat pointless pun regarding prize drawings, is an accurate description of the bulk of my artwork. Sometimes I really have no idea what I’m drawing or why I’ve just drawn it. One way or another, it tends to end up in a very large pile under the kitchen table (unless it’s digital art, in which case it ends up in a big folder in My Pictures), and is rarely glanced at again unless I’ve misplaced a pay stub or something and have to make a routine search of All the Junk Piles.

I thought that perhaps having a special little blog dedicated to my traditional-media artwork, particularly the less-polished and un-sellable bits, might encourage me to treat it a little more nicely. After all, a few dozen well-intentioned “first tries” are necessary to most good drawings, so they deserve a bit of respect.

Mostly I draw “creatures,” hybrid beasties and fantastical whatnot. This means my first tries are often monstrosities whose appearance, were they to step from the page, would make Lovecraft or Shelley pale with horror … but monsters need love, too, right? Why, it’s all the rage these days. So when you have the time, why not take a look at my menagerie of monsters — if you dare.


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