Everybody scream….

Song: Baby, You’re a Haunted House — Gerard Way

Plant: Hedera helix


Just some English Ivy on an old brick wall … also, thx Gerard for continuing to mess with us.

Song: Shallow City — Handsome Ghost

Plant: Petunia sp.


Okay, we can agree that everyone loves those black petunias right? If I could keep plants alive I would 100% have black petunias. Anyhow, this one mentions sidewalks and concrete and wearing black, so … when I think of dark-colored plants that grow in sidewalk cracks, this is what I end up with.


Plant: Viscum album


Honestly I suppose bindweed would have been the best choice for this one, but the moment I listened to it in the context of this drawing challenge I knew I wanted to do mistletoe.

Happy Halloween!


Never get free…

Song: Blood // Water, grandson

Plant: Utricularia sp.

Notes: Look, I knew I wanted to use a carnivorous aquatic plant for this, and this is literally the only carnivorous aquatic plant I knew of. Plus, when I was looking it up I got to read some fun research about how it can slowly dissolve small animals to death, so that was … something.


If you think I’m pretty….

I realized today that I haven’t really drawn a single thing since moving … between the new apartment, new job, new city, and delightful flash flood that drowned one of my favorite sketchbooks (see my Instagram for a few shots of what’s left of those sketches), it’s been a bit hectic.

Anyhow, I’ve been listening to a lot of music (especially for the first week or so where I was without internet or TV), and one that I was enjoying on the radio recently was Billie Eilish’s “you should see me in a crown.” Naturally, this meant I’d eventually have to sketch something to go with it.

A unicorn in a flower crown felt just sweet enough to provide the dissonance the song seemed to demand; and you know how I love wordplay and drawing shaggy ponies, so a Fell Pony was the natural inspiration for the unicorn’s general color and appearance.

Her “crown” is a pretty mess of poison sumac berries and nightshade flowers, with a sprinkling here and there of bittersweet and poison ivy. There … might be something dark spattered on her horn and whiskers, and dripping in the dust in front of her feet.


Tonight is for our ghosts….

I guess I was feeling a bit maudlin today after finding some old photos from ten years ago, just in time for Mike Shinoda’s “Post Traumatic” to drop … long story short, I’ve been listening to melancholy music and sketching old friends all evening.

Hardly my most detailed or accurate work, and I skipped a score of small pets and some feline acquaintances, but it’s nice sometimes to think back on everyone I’ve known:

Cats: Spaz, JJ, Salem, Tigger, Mittens, Jack, Zorro, Redford, Pyewacket, Hootie, BB, Crystal, Hermie, Cici, Houdina, Fritz (plus a sweet little blue-cream tortie who lived in a shop window and whose name eludes me; and six shadows behind the hill, who represent cats I know only from anecdotes and their presence in baby pictures of me)

Birds: Moses, Kekoa

Horses: Sergeant, Jewel, Kodiak, Cinnamon

Dogs: Ben, Spooky, King, Duchess, Gussie, Sam (plus a gangly black farm dog)

Hamsters: Stormy, Dusty, Bianca

Mouse: Willow

+Assorted Humans


Some of these are from 20+ years ago, but I still remember Cici’s (seal-point Siamese) apartment that smelled like soup; Spaz’s (scruffy blue shorthair) pet tennis ball; Kekoa (blind Downy Woodpecker) feeling her way around the living room with her beak and her long pink tongue; and Duchess (Blue Heeler cross) bringing me hen’s eggs from heaven knows where on her farm. And as long as I keep drawing and writing about them, I always will….

Back again….

Yeah, I’m still around. Been too busy to draw much of consequence recently, but I managed a couple doodles today after a more-exciting-than-expected horseback riding trip.

So, the excitement in question came from this laid-back surfer dude, a flaxen chestnut who never looks more than 53% awake at any given time (I think it’s partly because of his super long blond eyelashes)


He wasn’t in the best mood due to the heat and the insane amount of flies, but he seemed fine until it came time to hose him down after the ride. Even though the other horses had no problem walking over to the area, this dude would NOT go over there no matter how much pushing and prodding and reassuring anyone could do. Nothing seemed scary or flappy or brightly colored or moved slightly to the left or whatever wacky things might spook a horse, so for a moment it seemed like another case of his trademark Lazy Boy attitude.

Then someone finally managed to budge him forward a little more and he FLIPPED OUT. Artist’s rendition:


He bucked, he kicked, he screamed, he backed the heck out of there and beelined back to where the others were crosstied. And then he was fine again. They still have no idea what went on in there that had him so spooked to go back all of a sudden, but summer is shaping up to be wicked here, heat-wise, so hopefully he gets over it soon and can enjoy his showers again.

After everyone was calmed down (a good roll in the dust works wonders) and let out, I went collecting barn cats. If cat-petting were an Olympic sport I think I’d do pretty well. At one point I was scratching an old red tabby’s tummy on one side and a blue longhair’s on the other, and they were practically farther apart than my arms were. Neither was considerate enough to just scootch a little closer, and the red one was VERY vocal about his disappointment if I stopped for a minute to adjust my position, but the blue one was doing that cute thing where they’re upside-down and you can see all their little murdery vampire teeths at once like this


so obviously I had to keep petting both.

And that’s all I have for today. Stay hydrated!

I walk these old familiar streets….

So, I generally don’t make New Year’s resolutions because I generally don’t keep them anyhow. But the turning of the year does have a way of reminding me how long it’s been since I’ve drawn anything, so my unofficial resolution is to either finish up or discard some of the half-finished work I have piling up in my home and on my computer. It ranges to good ideas that got too difficult to design ideas that stopped being timely to non-profitable little doodles that were always just slightly less important than some other thing I had to do.

Naturally, I’m starting with the doodles.

First in the backlog is today’s post, a set of three sketches inspired by playing through different Pokemon games. The first one is for XY, so … yeah, it’s been a while. But I probably won’t get any more Pokemon games for the 3DS, so this seems like as good a time as any to reminisce.

Whenever I dedicate the time (usually Thanksgiving break, due to the timing of releases) to finishing them in one go, I listen to a lot of music while I play, and I inevitably end up associating a certain song with that particular game. I listened to those as I composed the sketches to let me get back in the feel of each version. I also choose one or two “themes” from the beginning to make it more of a challenge, and these influenced both the songs I chose and the pictures I ended up with. In each sketch I include my starter and my “support” Pokemon, the one monster on my team who doesn’t match my theme type but takes care of their weaknesses.



“Ladybird, have you heard, we’ve set our house on fire” — “Ladybird,” The Rigs

Kalos was my kind of region, with a fox starter, a route (15) in perpetual autumn, and all the black-and-red plaid and dapper feathered hats you could ask for. My theme was fast fire types, which was quite easy with X’s crop of Pokemon, led by Bradbury the Delphox and supported by Kit the Zoroark (who’s displaying his two most useful qualities here: the Illusion ability and a mean Grass Knot).


“We’re gonna rattle this ghost town” — “Anna Sun,” WALK THE MOON

I’ll admit, Moon took some getting used to, with its molasses-slow Pokemon, gaudy tropical outfits, and relative lack of Fire types early on. However, somewhere between the Ghost starter and the possessed Pokedex full of macabre entries, I quickly came to realize that these islands are suuuuper haunted, and made Ghost my theme with little difficulty. Here we’re taking a B-button dash through one of Alola’s many picturesque graveyards with Ollie the Decidueye and Taser the Charjabug (because let’s face it, you’re not getting a Vikavolt for a while). I liked the Bone Keeper tee from this game so much I made myself a real one. What’s most impressive, though, is that it was only after writing out that caption just now that I realized the words “Sun” and “Moon” are in the song title and artist name.



“Bang bang, here we go, everything’s about to blow” — “Spark,” Fitz and the Tantrums

When Ultra Sun rolled around I decided to get over my dislike of Litten’s final evolution and un-Fire-like speed stat, because Fire/Dark is just my type, and the new influx of previous generations’ Pokemon meant I’d finally be able to get some of my old-school faves back together. This time I did a “Fire and/or Dark” theme so I could include everyone I’d been pining for through the last game. I also finally bothered with the Z-moves, which is why Khatun the Incineroar is doing the “rawr” part of the Dark Z-move (honestly it’s the only Z-pose that looks kind of fun, aside from those species-specific ones like chucking Pikachu across the room), while Haku the Gyarados does the best he can without arms.

Well, there you have it. I’m not going to say what I’ll finish up next, because I’m probably going to change my mind halfway anyhow, but I’ll definitely try to get at least one more thing done before classes start up again (for the last time!). Happy new year, and may your 2018 be better in every way than 2017!

Inktober 30-31: Happy Halloween!


“Supermassive Black Hole,” Muse


“These Are Our Children,” I Monster

With the skua for In Cold Blood, and the leopard seal for Supermassive Black Hole, you’d think I really have a thing for (or a grudge against) penguins, but honestly they’re easy to draw and there are a lot of “cold” metaphors in my spooky playlist. Also the “black hole,” in this case, made me think of a seal’s breathing hole in the ice. Finally, I need to stop drawing half-tilted heads, because I can NOT line up the eyes and nostrils properly when I’m in a hurry.

Happy spookytimes everyone, thanks for stopping by!