Stay low to the ground….

It’s one of those enforced lazy days where I don’t have any really pressing errands, but I’m not feeling well enough to go out and Do Stuff for the heck of it. Days like this I’m thankful for the radio, and for the fact that I enjoy low-activity pastimes like reading and drawing.

After all that screen-staring required for Counting Sheep, I decided to go low-tech and break out the graphite and Prisma pencils. I also didn’t feel like looking up any more reference images after Googling 25+ sheep breeds, so I went with an old familiar character, my owl/kitten Gryphling, in a slightly birdified version of a pose any cat lover (or even cat acquaintance, really) can pull up reasonably well from memory:



As usual I had some issues with the wings and paws, but it nicely served its purposes of killing some time and justifying my purchase of that “artichoke” colored pencil. I’m … not really sure “Artichoke” is any more accurate for this shade of brown (the main pelt/feather color here) than that AI’s infamous choice of “Turdly” was, but I suppose it does sound a little better….


No more drama….

Family Affair, by Mary J. Blige

Let’s get it percolatin’/While you’re waitin’
So just dance for me


Honestly I just liked the mental image of a unicorn saying “crunk.” Also, to make it a proper family affair I threw in some horses, the tail end of a pony, a goat (unicorns are kind of horsegoats after all), and of course an ass on the dance floor. Don’t ask why it’s one of those 70’s light-up disco floors, it’s after midnight and the pencil draws what it draws.

I see fire….

PSYCH, that’s not the song this one is about (although it does involve Smaug).

Actually this one’s kind of cheating, because it’s inspired by a song so much as an opportunity for both wordplay and a rather unlikely Miss Congeniality/Hobbit mashup. I think I might actually make a slightly bigger, cleaned-up version of this for an actual design in my shop, but until then:


A fire in a flask….

Hurricane, by Panic! at the Disco

They know, I know/That they don’t look like me
Oh, they know, I know/That they don’t sound like me
You’ll dance to anything/You’ll dance to anything


Naturally we were going to get a Panic! at the Disco song in here eventually since they’re on tour right now … anyhow, these songs always make me think of dancing birds, and even more so for one that actually mentions dancing. But Velociraptors are more fun to draw, so that’s what you’re getting.

For this one I imagined a fella from a neighboring region, with a slightly different type of plumage and courtship ritual, stopping by to check out the local ladies (sort of like what you get with modern songbirds of closely-related species when ranges overlap). Those proper males in the background are not at all impressed with the little newcomer’s fluffy crest and rather modest feather-sideburns, but the female (the taller one, because raptors) seems to be enjoying this dance….

Never meant to start a war….

Battlefield, Jordin Sparks

Why does love always feel like a battlefield
A battlefield/A battlefield
Guess you better go and get your armor…


I refuse to believe that this song is nearly ten years old. Also, random not-useful heart-armor is in fact harder to draw than falcon hoods; I really just need to stop drawing accessories.