Inktober 27-29


“Bad Moon Rising,” Mourning Ritual + Peter Dreimanis


“You’re Dead,” Norma Tanega


“Devils,” Say Hi

I allowed myself one do-over this time, because “Devils” is waaaay shorter than I thought it was, and I didn’t draw fast enough. On a somewhat related note, I’m digging the Spotify skin for the Stranger Things playlist.


Inktober 22-24

I got a bit distracted actually listening to “Cold Cold Cold,” which resulted in more of a rush job than usual, but no takesies-backsies and no do-overs!

The ominous knife-wielder accidentally wound up being a leftie, but we’ll just say that’s because I wanted to make the picture more … sinister. [ba-dum-tish]




“Cold Cold Cold,” Cage the Elephant


“Trouble,” Adam Agin

Inktober 19-21

Last week’s zooarchaeology assignment involved sorting out deer bones, which may account for the subject matter of that last picture. (I did try to make it look like the former “king” may have succumbed from a hoof to the skull, though.)


“Lullaby,” Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes


“Cask of Amontillado,” Alan Parsons Project


“A Little Wicked,” Valerie Broussard

Inktober 16-18


“Locked in the Basement,” Fredrik


“White Flag,” The Romanovs


“Enter Sandman,” SHEL

That last song was inconsiderate enough to be less than 3 minutes long, I didn’t even have time for slapdash shading like in “White Flag.” By contrast, “Locked in the Basement” was six minutes long and got the full scribble treatment.

Inkdump Pt. 3

Aaaand the final five, catching us up to the present day. It’s a pity I don’t really know how to draw a skua (at least, not in 3 minutes and 26 seconds), because that’s where I was going with today’s for In Cold Blood.


“Sad Lisa,” Cat Stevens


“House By the Sea,” Iron & Wine


“Nothing’s Funny,” The Dillinger Escape Plan


“Hellfire,” Barns Courtney


“In Cold Blood,” alt-J


Inkdump, pt. 1

Let’s face it: I’m not great at keeping to schedules and deadlines if there aren’t grave [inadvertent festive pun!] consequences. But I do like drawing, so it was inevitable I’d get in the Inktober spirit in the end. I’m about 14 days behind at this point, so we’re activating the Sketchdump Protocol to get things caught up.

This year’s gimmick is that for each day I listen to a song from my Halloween playlist while drawing. Nothing new there, since I almost always listen to music while drawing unless I’m in class, but here’s the catch: I have to stop drawing once the song is over. One picture per song, ideally inspired by some of the lyrics. This doesn’t always work out so well, aesthetically, but at least having a challenge keeps me drawing. Here are the first five in all their varying degrees of glory:


“Run Baby Run,” The Rigs


“Heffalumps and Woozles,” Powerglove


“This is Halloween,” Citizens of Halloween


“Vampires,” Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes


“Poor Unfortunate Souls/I Put a Spell on You,” Voctave/Rachel Potter

One of these days I think I’ll devote an actual finished drawing to that last song, Ursula is the best (even if I cannot draw her with any kind of speed).